Post #2: Baby Steps

Slow and steady. That’s been the motto for the past two weeks as I completed some milestones at freeCodeCamp. I worked through the first project of the Responsive Web Design (survey form) and about 80% of Basic JavaScript.

I’ve kept up with the goal of coding every day, but I haven’t been measuring how much time I spend a week (which I probably should). I usually find an hour to code in the morning before work, and then a couple more distracted hours of coding on the couch as my wife and I wind down for the day.

We’ve also been talking about me doing a part-time boot camp sometime early next year, but that hasn’t changed my current plan of learning and coding every day. The top boot camps that caught my attention are CodeSmith and Hack Reactor.

Welp, time to keep coding. See ya in a bit!