At the end of 2017, I completed my degree in business administration with an emphasis on accounting. I wasn’t passionate about it or anything; I just felt that the degree had a good ROI and was a safe bet for landing a job right out of college.

Five years passed uneventfully as I hopped jobs, experienced steady career growth, and earned the ever-coveted “Certified Public Accountant” title. I reached a point where I could afford the life I wanted, but I was left wanting something more. Two things became apparent during my career: I enjoyed technology and I enjoyed building and automating things.

During the pandemic, I was left with a lot of free time. I started dabbling in Python by making little helpful chatbots in Discord. I spent days Googling, watching YouTube tutorials, and debugging. It was some of the most fulfilling and fun work I’ve done.

In October 2022, I made the decision to become a self-taught developer while balancing a day job. This site is a place for me to document my journey and showcase any projects I complete. Thanks for visiting!